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Hi I'm twister Kid! I have been doing balloons for about 3 years. I am NOT a clown! I twist cool stuff for kids and like to doodle on there faces but you wont catch me with a red nose or big floppy shoes. I do best with the younger crowd and community events. I do a max of 3 hours per party or event (unless I get a break).

My rates are as follows: 
Party's $45 for the first hour $35 for each one after that. 
Events like carnivals and stuff are $45 per hour.
I only work in public venues and I always have a chaperon.

My mom was nice enough to loan me a page on her Get Ballooned site but I am not a employee of Get Ballooned. I accept cash only. 

Feel free to e-mail me at with any questions or to book me for your next party or event. 
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